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Abuelita's Wellbeing CIC

Non-Profit Community Interest Company

Our Community Interest company is committed to bring wellbeing treatments closer to those who needs them the most by promoting awareness, compassion, joy, and connection.

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We use professional expertise and lived experience to support people with poor mental health from financially and socially disadvantaged backgrounds


How do we help? 

 - By creating wellbeing journeys for vulnerable individuals suffering with mental health challenges who cannot afford to otherwise care for themselves in a holistic way.

 - By offering low or no cost one-to-one services for a sustained period of time. Offering consistent care and promoting awareness of the mind-body connection is key to empower people to create a sustainable lifestyle through difficult times.

​ - Creating a sense of belonging through a supportive
community, learning self-care, and encouraging the use of creativity for self-expression and self-actualisation.

- We are open to collaborations with like-minded CICs, Charities, and Businesses. Get in touch here if you think we can work together.

If you are looking to make a donation and support our cause, and you would like to know how we are spending, please get in touch.


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