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Studio Hire

Suitable for 1-2-1 therapies | Group Therapy
Workshops | Wellbeing Events

Our spacious room based in Hackney Downs Studios, right by the park, is a wonderful, unique space. Approximately 50 square meters in size, far from the noisy courtyard, with access to the rooftop, the studio is equipped with everything you'd need for 1-to-1 therapy, workshops, movement classes, group therapies, or wellbeing events. 

There is plenty of natural light, making it excellent for filming or photoshoots. 

If you prefer the place dark, the skylight has covers that can easily be opened and closed.


The space is used for 1-to-1 therapy on a daily basis but can quickly be transformed into an open space for yoga with up to 15 mats, for your wellbeing event, for dance and movement classes, for a workshop, or a creative activity. 

​There is access to an internal private courtyard with tables and benches available to use if you choose to provide a full lunch or dinner (no alcohol allowed in the courtyard) as part of the event. Snacking and a glass of wine can easily be accommodated in the room.

Access to kitchenette  and reception area.

Props included in the price

For 1-to-1 therapies

3 x pillows for your use (one of them orthopedic)

Couch roll

Electric blanket (but the space is really warm)

Disinfectant wipes

Laundry basket

Incense holder

For Yoga, Movement classes, Courses, Workshops:
12 yoga mats, 
14 yoga blocks
12 blankets
12 cushions

2 x Jugs for water and 16 glasses 
12 tea mugs
10 coconut bowls 



For 1-to-1 or group Therapy

(1 hour between therapists | 30 minutes each)

Per slot
£16/hour for less than 4 hours 
£15/hour for 4 hours 
£14/hour  for 5-7hours
£13/hour  for 8+ hours
Full day - 8am - 8pm  - £11.5per hour | £138

For groups: wellbeing events, courses, workshops

£30/per hour | minimum of 2 hours

£15 per hour for setting up & clearing up

£250 per day ( 10 - 12 hours)

£470 | 2 days consecutively

£680 | 3 days consecutively

Featured in our Newsletter and social media

Wonderful natural light through skylight, so ideal for photoshoots.

Leave as you found policy

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