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Full Body Massage

Deep Tissue | Tension Release | Holistic  Pregnancy and Post Natal

My massage therapy practice is deeply rooted in the belief that the body's symptoms are the language of the mind, telling us what we are struggling with as a whole. Alongside treating the muscles, when we have a massage, we are also working with the nervous system, and indirectly tackle the stresses of life, and the effects of which we've been storing all along. By embodying ourselves, we become more aware of the present moment, and this is the first step to recovery and healing. Our physical, mental, and emotional state work hand-in-hand, and they should be treated as an interlinked system.

Alongside my professional and intuitive skills, I am also interested in Somatic Psychology and Body Analysis (which I study in my free time). 

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In my practice, I offer a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques. For a more holistic treatment, I include a touch of psychosomatic analysis, however this is optional based on your personal preference. The assessment will focus not only on the symptoms, but on why the symptoms appeared - new stressors in life, events, or changes in routine.


I tailor my treatments to individual client’s needs, whether they are coming to ease physical tension, connect body and mind, or deeply relax. My focus is on creating a calm and welcoming space for all and to create a feeling of “me time”.

​I believe in a long-term relationship when it comes to any therapy, and although a one-off session can help and go a long way, I believe finding a regular safe and familiar space can positively assist the nervous system in establishing a healthy and strong body-mind connection.


VTCT (ITEC) Body Massage Course (London School of Massage) - 2020.

Deep Tissue Course - (LSM) - 2021

Postural Assessment at NLSSM - (North London School of Sports Massage) - 2022

Chair Massage - (The School of Natural Therapies) - 2023

Mental Health First Aider - MHfA England -  2024

Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage Course - (The School of Natural Therapies) - 2024



Hackney Downs Studios, Theatre 5  

Holistic | Deep Tissue | Tension Release 

Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage

30 minutes  - £45

45 minutes - £60

60 minutes - £70

 90 minutes - £95 

120 minutes - £120

If you are considering buying a bundle*, choose the option to pay at the venue when booking your first session, and we can include the session in the package. For any questions, please get in touch before your session. 

If Massage Therapy is part of your insurance, I can send over all paperwork/qualifications, as well as an invoice to make sure they reimburse your expenses.

If you have a voucher, please choose option to pay at the venue when booking online, or get in touch directly here.

 I strongly believe that Massage Therapy should be available to all. If you are facing financial difficulties, or are a low income earner, and you'd like/or need sessions, read more here.

*If you consider purchasing a Wellbeing Package for yourself, or a Partnership Duo bundle,
please check prices and  information here or get in touch directly.


£70 | 60 minutes Massage Therapy session

£95 | 90 minutes Massage Therapy session

£80 | joining one of our Hackney Mini-Retreats

Massage Therapy - Bundle Vouchers:

£270 | 4 x 60 minutes sessions

£370 | 4 x 90 minutes sessions

*use within 4 months from purchase


*T&C's applies

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Home visits available on request and at extra charge depending on Postcode | circumstances | length of session. Please get in touch for quotes.


**Covering mostly Hackney and Central London, but depending on availability and circumstances, I am happy to discuss going beyond these areas.

Looking for Chair massage | Office Visits, or a Corporate Wellbeing partnership for your team?
Read more about it here.


Photos of the Hackney Downs Studio

What clients say 


"I don't know whether it's possible to say enough good things about Simona. She is knowledgeable, warm, personable, simultaneously deep and light hearted, skilful and with a strong but delicate touch. As I told her after our session, it's hard not to be entirely besotted with someone who makes you feel so good! I am already looking forward to our next session."


"I don’t usually leave reviews and when I do, I don’t usually leave a second one. Simona is simply the best massage therapist I could have found. Not only does she help me re-find my centre with her massage therapy, but the level of care and advice outside of the actual massage have been critical for me in the last few months. Simona is a healer and I’ll recommend her sessions to anyone who needs a caring and safe space. Thank you for being there Simona and for spreading goodness. Still super happy I met you."

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