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Terms and Conditions

First and foremost, THANK YOU for considering Abuelita's Wellbeing.

It's fantastic to know I can be part of your journey, even if it’s for a one-off session. I am always trying to improve, and honest feedback is always appreciated. If you cannot leave me a 5-star review, please email me with your feedback. Making me aware of what I have missed or where I could have done better during the session with you will help me to grow. I’m always happy to discuss the matter and make sure more care is taken next time. 

What to expect

The session is usually made up of clinical evaluation, postural assessment, changing time, massage therapy and suggestions for follow-up such as small routine changes, or referrals for other therapies if major problems are found. This means that for a 60-minute session, we will spend approximately 50-minutes on the actual massage. 

Please wear underwear that gives easy access to massage areas like upper-legs, glutes, lower-back. I will ask you to kindly remove your bra to massage the whole back, but if you do not feel comfortable, I am happy to adjust the techniques to your needs.  For any questions, please feel free to email me in advance of the session.

Prior to the session, I will email you with information on how to find us, a GDPR Consent Form* and  Medical History form*.

*Completing and submitting the forms prior to your appointment will allow us more time for the actual treatment.

Terms and Conditions 

 - Please aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to the session, especially if it is your first visit. This makes sure we can be in the room on time and allows for any unexpected events on the way (e.g. public transport delay). The time allocated to the session is stated when you purchase and cannot be extended due to being late as the next client will follow shortly after your session.


 - Please be aware that if you have a voucher with a discount and you find another offer going online, we cannot combine the offers. You can only use one discount at one time.

 - To book and have the discount applied, please choose the option to pay at the venue when booking your next session.

 - If you are referring a friend and there is a discounted offer for referrals, please ask them to book via this link only and also choose the option to pay at the venue, or contact me directly. Booking via the Treatwell's website or App applies a commission and I will not be able to apply the discount on their first visit.  If you have already paid online and you  have a voucher we can apply the discount to the following session. 

Packages and Deals

 - Sessions to be used within the timeframe stated on the specific package, unless agreed otherwise.

- The individual packages sessions can be used for only the person stated when the purchase is made

 - Partner's Packages can only be used by the 2 people stated when the package is purchased. You can split the sessions between the two of you as you wish. The full length of the sessions will be for one client at one time.

 - The package covers studio sessions only. Home visits will incur an extra charge if that is required due to special circumstances. Home visits can be done for couples as well, with one person in the room at a time. 

!!!!! This is not a sexual service. Massage therapy is a decent, remedial, relaxing tool for people looking to improve their wellbeing, mental health, release tension after workout, and improve their physical recovery. If you are looking for more than what is listed, please look somewhere else. Your request of this sort will not be answered.

If any sexual suggestions or attempts at such are made during the session, I will stop right away and ask you to leave the room. The fee will be retained and filing a police report will be considered. 


Cancellation policy

Your appointments and wellbeing are very important to us. We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances can occur, forcing schedule adjustments. If you need to cancel your appointment we respectfully request at least 24hrs notice. If you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so by contacting me directly.

 - Any cancellation or reschedule made within less than 24hrs will result in a cancellation fee. Missed appointments or late cancellations are liable to be charged the full fee.

 - In the event of an unavoidable emergency, all or part of your cancellation fee can be used toward future sessions.

For any other questions, please contact us at

Many thanks!

Abuelita's Wellbeing team

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