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Massage Therapy for all

Low Income prices | Charity & CIC collaborations 

I strongly believe that Massage Therapy, as well as other alternative therapies, should be available to all. If you are facing financial difficulties, or are a low income earner and you'd like or need sessions, please get in touch to discuss discounted rates.

In my practice, I like to work with each client on an individual basis. I understand that life is not straight-forward for all of us, but this should not stop us receiving the benefits of a self-care routine. The power of holistic therapies can go a long way, therefore I am happy to discuss your needs and circumstance and see how I can help. 

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If you know someone in a more vulnerable position who would benefit from a session or a bundle, and you would like to gift it to them, but cannot afford to pay the full price, I am also happy to support this initiative and create a bespoke offer for you.

If you are a CIC or a Charity and have a wellbeing budget for the vulnerable groups you work with, I am happy to discuss options which would fit your needs.


What clients say


"One of the best massages I’ve received. Simona has a beautifully tranquil space and is more than welcoming. She was also very attentive, regularly checking if the pressured used was to my liking. She was extremely knowledgeable and more than equip to navigate my historic injuries."


"Simona was really attentive and intuitive, she listened and responded with really valuable wisdom. The massage really helped me connect to my body and allowed me to let go of some held emotion, I felt very safe to express fully. The space is warm, tranquil and beautifully presented. I highly recommend Simona."

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